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* Merge branch 'master' of Latocha2012-06-273-19/+14Star
| * add missing host-gperf depenceny to systemd, remove udev stuffSebastian Schmelzer2012-06-263-19/+14Star
* | add plymouthJohann Latocha2012-06-273-0/+33
* minor systemd fixesSebastian Schmelzer2012-06-261-11/+6Star
* minor systemd fixes, buildroot cfg without x11Sebastian Schmelzer2012-06-264-315/+1441
* update systemd-patchSebastian Schmelzer2012-06-261-0/+28
* add openslx systemd variantSebastian Schmelzer2012-06-255-137/+556
* activate zram support for kernelSebastian Schmelzer2012-06-221-1/+48
* change buildroot to use own openslx-kernelSebastian Schmelzer2012-06-222-9/+16
* add missing files..Sebastian Schmelzer2012-06-221-0/+2883
* update kernel configSebastian Schmelzer2012-06-221-10/+30
* Merge branch 'master' of
| * update buildroot configSebastian Schmelzer2012-06-221-22/+45
| * add patch for buildroot bug 3133Sebastian Schmelzer2012-06-211-0/+11
| * Merge branch 'vendor'Sebastian2012-06-211-0/+2
| |\
| | * collectd: uses fork(), so mark it as mmu onlyPeter Korsgaard2012-06-211-0/+2
| * | new config namingSebastian2012-06-213-0/+278
* | | Init für das initiale RootFS, welches das AUFS zusammenbaut und dann switch_...Dirk2012-06-221-0/+45
|/ /
* | Some configs...Dirk2012-06-213-1014/+2418
* | add support for openslx busybox variantJohann Latocha2012-06-212-3/+13
* | commit suggested changes from #860Sebastian Schmelzer2012-06-214-6/+1183
* kmod: _TOOLS option should only be visible if kmod is enabledPeter Korsgaard2012-06-201-0/+1
* libnspr: fix build issue on ARM with certain toolchainsThomas Petazzoni2012-06-201-0/+65
* kmod: bump to 9Yegor Yefremov2012-06-201-1/+1
* qt: bump to 4.8.2Luca Ceresoli2012-06-201-2/+2
* qt: remove redundant and incorrect URL from MakefileLuca Ceresoli2012-06-201-1/+0Star
* mediastreamer: portaudio backend needs speexPeter Korsgaard2012-06-191-2/+3
* radvd: fix bashism in configure.acPeter Korsgaard2012-06-182-0/+32
* linux: bump default to kernel version 3.4.3Gustavo Zacarias2012-06-181-2/+2
* kernel-headers: bump 3.{0, 4}.x stable versionsGustavo Zacarias2012-06-182-2/+2
* pthread-stubs: fix incorrect indentationThomas Petazzoni2012-06-181-4/+3Star
* collectd: needs thread supportThomas Petazzoni2012-06-181-0/+4
* lttng-tools: bump to version 2.0.1Samuel Martin2012-06-173-89/+57Star
* lttng-modules: bump to version 2.0.3Samuel Martin2012-06-171-2/+7
* lttng-libust: bump to version 2.0.3Samuel Martin2012-06-173-46/+36Star
* liburcu: bump to version 0.7.3Samuel Martin2012-06-172-15/+7Star
* php: security bump to version 5.3.14Gustavo Zacarias2012-06-171-1/+1
* libfreefare: add missing openssl dependencySimon Dawson2012-06-172-1/+2
* xinetd: fix build without RPC supportPeter Korsgaard2012-06-162-1/+4
* New package: xinetdDanomi Manchego2012-06-166-0/+154
* lshw: new packageGustavo Zacarias2012-06-164-0/+67
* fbv: Allow selection of supported image formats.Arn R2012-06-162-5/+44
* e2fsprogs: bump to 1.42.4Yegor Yefremov2012-06-161-1/+1
* bind: security bump to version 9.6-ESV-R7-P1Gustavo Zacarias2012-06-161-1/+1
* hiawatha: fix bug #5276 and bump to version 8.4Gustavo Zacarias2012-06-161-1/+2
* monit: fix configuration errorSimon Dawson2012-06-161-1/+1
* toolchain/gcc: bump 4.7.xPeter Korsgaard2012-06-159-116/+1Star
* ramspeed: new packageGustavo Zacarias2012-06-134-0/+43
* libroxml: bump version to 2.2.0Tristan Lelong2012-06-132-1/+1
* ethtool: bump versionPeter Korsgaard2012-06-131-1/+1