BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bss-system-info[bss] main network scripts bootstraperJonathan Bauer10 months
installerMerge branch 'master' into installerJonathan Bauer4 weeks
masterkernel config: No cryptoloop, enable kqcow2 support (if avail)Simon Rettberg6 days
qemuSolving issues of remote-viewer not closing when machine is turned offChristopher Lucas9 months
remote-debuggingstartdebug bash scriptChristoph Schulthess2 years
usb-lock-off[usb-lock-off] Updated usbguard to version 0.7.2 and libsodium to 1.0.16. Fix...Jannik Schönartz18 months
v23mltk-23.tar.gz  mltk-23.tar.xz  Simon Rettberg5 months
kdm-legacymltk-kdm-legacy.tar.gz  mltk-kdm-legacy.tar.xz  Simon Rettberg22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 dayskernel config: No cryptoloop, enable kqcow2 support (if avail)HEADmasterSimon Rettberg1-1/+3
6 days[pam] Get recent pam_script from githubSimon Rettberg2-19/+13Star
6 days[vbox/kernel] Update versionSimon Rettberg2-2/+2
6 dayskernel config: No SELINUXSimon Rettberg1-0/+1
6 days[sudo] Add default sudoers fileSimon Rettberg1-0/+2
6 days[sudo] ADD FILES FGUCKWFEQSimon Rettberg1-1/+6
6 days[sudo] Add sudoSimon Rettberg4-0/+25
8 days[dhcpc-busybox] Fix default route settingSimon Rettberg1-4/+8
8 days[run-virt] Fix execution of *.inc hooksSimon Rettberg1-1/+1
9 days[pam-slx-plug] Change order in common-account: Move pam_unix before usSimon Rettberg1-3/+3