BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ipxeMerge branch 'master' into ipxeSimon Rettberg21 months
master[minilinux] Remove unused local varSimon Rettberg4 hours
permission-manager[permissionmanager] fixed tree issue with deselecting parent-permissions (Tic...Christian Hofmaier3 years
remote-debugRemove .idea/php.xml fileSimon Rettberg3 years
usb-lock-offMerge branch 'master' into usb-lock-offroot20 months
v3.8Revert "[statistics] Fix for shitty firefox"Steffen Ritter10 months
v3.9-indev[locationinfo] Fix overriding "show hostnames" not being savedSimon Rettberg7 weeks
wol[rebootcontrol] Only use Session to pass machine list to exec formSimon Rettberg11 months
v3.9aslx-admin-3.9a.tar.gz  slx-admin-3.9a.tar.xz  Simon Rettberg6 months
v3.9slx-admin-3.9.tar.gz  slx-admin-3.9.tar.xz  Simon Rettberg9 months
v3.8-releaseslx-admin-3.8-release.tar.gz  slx-admin-3.8-release.tar.xz  Simon Rettberg18 months
v3.7slx-admin-3.7.tar.gz  slx-admin-3.7.tar.xz  Simon Rettberg2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 hours[minilinux] Remove unused local varHEADmasterSimon Rettberg1-1/+0Star
28 hours[dnbd3] Add link to used image in client listSimon Rettberg2-4/+10
2 days[statistics] Remove trailing $Simon Rettberg1-1/+1
2 days[statistics] Fix detection of machines with no HDDSimon Rettberg2-3/+3
3 days[serversetup-bwlp-ipxe] Empty menu item title = use bootentry titleSimon Rettberg4-17/+18
3 days[serversetup-bwlp-ipxe] stupidtable for bootentry listSimon Rettberg2-6/+6
6 days[serversetup-bwlp-ipxe] Add "Edit" link for bootentries in menu editorSimon Rettberg2-2/+8
7 days[dozmod] expiredimages: Link to user's actionlog instead of sending mailSimon Rettberg2-11/+11
7 days[statistics_reporting] Fix json types, add duration fieldSimon Rettberg1-1/+4
7 days[statistics_reporting] Add missing group statementSimon Rettberg1-1/+2