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* Add support for autostarting a session predefined in /opt/openslx/config in S...HEADmasterSimon Rettberg2014-02-074-4/+30
* Check if the window is still centered once a second and move it if neccessary.Simon Rettberg2013-12-193-1/+25
* Add support for a session start script that gets run right before the session...Simon Rettberg2013-12-133-0/+14
* fix problems with unreadable filesSebastian Schmelzer2011-07-133-10/+21
* update win7 logoSebastian Schmelzer2011-07-113-0/+0
* add more windows images .. update beos icon sizeSebastian Schmelzer2011-07-116-0/+324
* add solaris icon..Sebastian2011-07-102-0/+1
* logo without txt ..Sebastian2011-07-082-0/+164
* add opensolaris imageSebastian2011-07-082-0/+1
* add icons for atari, amiga, riscosSebastian2011-07-057-0/+62
* add planets theme ..Sebastian Schmelzer2011-07-043-0/+4
* make --pvs option configurable via vmchooser.confSebastian Schmelzer2011-05-123-1/+10
* switch default theme to openslxSebastian Schmelzer2011-05-126-3/+7
* change conf path to /etc/vmchooser/vmchooser.confSebastian Schmelzer2011-05-122-4/+3Star
* missing long optionSebastian Schmelzer2011-05-031-0/+1
* theme support v2Sebastian Schmelzer2011-04-294-0/+5
* add missing newline ..Sebastian Schmelzer2011-04-281-1/+1
* theme support, move directboot option from no parameter to --file / -fSebastian Schmelzer2011-04-286-26/+79
* add translationDirk von Suchodoletz2011-03-291-0/+135
* resizeSebastian Schmelzer2011-03-081-0/+0
* add beos/os2Sebastian Schmelzer2011-03-083-0/+2
* resize imagesSebastian Schmelzer2011-03-085-0/+0
* add icons for dosbox/mess/qemuSebastian Schmelzer2011-03-084-1/+3
* remove dead code ..Sebastian Schmelzer2011-03-041-4/+0Star
* * add debug modeSebastian Schmelzer2011-03-0415-7/+63
* Merge branch 'master' of Latocha2011-03-023-8/+16
| * ..Sebastian Schmelzer2011-03-022-6/+6
| * Merge branch 'master' of Schmelzer2011-03-026-39/+8Star
| |\
| * | gui stuff ..Sebastian Schmelzer2011-03-022-4/+12
* | | * dbus interface removedJohann Latocha2011-03-0210-209/+95Star
| |/ |/|
* | window manager intergration removedJohann Latocha2011-03-025-36/+5Star
* new rz style layoutSebastian Schmelzer2011-03-024-8/+114
* 1) cmd-switch to use a window managerJohann Latocha2011-03-0113-16/+86
* [Fix] Startup problems with xsession (Quick&Dirty)Johann Latocha2011-03-018-17/+35
* Fix for issue #781Jan Darmochwal2010-11-041-8/+10
* Removed some TODO commentsJan Darmochwal2010-11-044-25/+2Star
* Read environment specific optionsJan Darmochwal2010-11-042-6/+61
* Config option: poolJan Darmochwal2010-11-046-13/+40
* Updated .de translationJan Darmochwal2010-11-011-10/+37
* Added global vars, version number in globals.hJan Darmochwal2010-11-015-59/+62
* License information for vmware logoJan Darmochwal2010-11-011-0/+4
* Added missing closing parantheses in dialog.cppJan Darmochwal2010-11-011-1/+1
* Removed old .xpm logosJan Darmochwal2010-11-0136-39031/+0Star
* New logosJan Darmochwal2010-10-1030-12/+2298
* Console error messagesJan Darmochwal2010-10-101-7/+23
* Failure message if session cannot be startedJan Darmochwal2010-10-101-10/+13
* Remove debug printf from vsession.cppJan Darmochwal2010-10-091-1/+0Star
* SVG Icon supportJan Darmochwal2010-10-091-3/+12
* Empty icon for VSessions, default to vmware iconJan Darmochwal2010-10-094-7/+14
* Return EXIT_SUCCESS or EXIT_FAILURE in main()Jan Darmochwal2010-10-091-15/+24