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* Unconditionally send Auth header to IdPHEADmasterSimon Rettberg2019-10-111-8/+11
* Support retrying authentication without an @... suffix automaticallySimon Rettberg2019-09-202-21/+65
* Log XML reply if failed to parseSimon Rettberg2018-09-261-12/+7Star
* Clear cookies before every authentication requestSimon Rettberg2018-03-222-4/+8
* Update apache httpclient, minor cleanupsSimon Rettberg2017-08-085-56/+38Star
* Request headers again; IdP request MUST be Content-Type: text/xml apparentlySimon Rettberg2017-07-272-8/+11
* Add dummy EntityResolver to prevent 1 minute freezesSimon Rettberg2016-06-131-0/+7
* Apply short timeouts to http requestsSimon Rettberg2015-09-041-0/+6
* Check StatusCode returned by IdP; set proper content type in requests to IdP;...Simon Rettberg2015-06-222-42/+40Star
* Relax httpclient version requirement, set required java version to 1.7Simon Rettberg2015-06-221-3/+3
* Add deploy section, change group id in case we start modifyingSimon Rettberg2014-11-281-2/+15
* initial commit of 'ecp-client-lean' from KITJonathan Bauer2014-11-289-0/+557