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masteradded client configuration for number connectionsFrederic Robra6 days
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6 daysadded client configuration for number connectionsHEADmasterFrederic Robra6-25/+41
2019-09-04removed initial server and removed replacement of alt serversFrederic Robra4-68/+22Star
2019-09-04prepared kernel module to have configurable number of connectionsFrederic Robra5-41/+70
2019-09-04sort the connection plan, locks the sending while changing connection,Frederic Robra6-94/+135
2019-09-03added support to requeue busy requestsFrederic Robra5-14/+53
2019-08-29splitted netFrederic Robra8-605/+766
2019-08-27optimized behaviour with failuresFrederic Robra4-96/+99
2019-08-27removed bug in timeout where look was not releasedFrederic Robra4-19/+104
2019-08-23moved mq part to new fileFrederic Robra7-186/+352
2019-08-13changed strategy to connect to diffrent socketsFrederic Robra4-381/+175Star