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+Configuration for dnbd3-server
+The server requires a config directory.
+Start it like so: ./dnbd3-server -c ./my-config/
+There are two files in that dir
+== alt-servers ==
+List of known alt-servers for this server.
+[PREFIX]<IP:PORT> [Comment]
+Prefix can be:
++ - Only report server to clients as alt-server, but don't use for replication
+- - Only use server for replication, but don't advertise to clients
+No prefix means server will be advertised to clients and is used for replication
+If you're not running in proxy mode, this file won't do much for you
+== server.conf ==
+Main configuration file. Ini format.
+basePath=/srv/openslx/dnbd3 # virtual root of image files
+serverPenalty=1234 # artificial acceptance delay for incoming server connections (µs)
+clientPenalty=2345 # artificial acceptance delay for incoming client connection (µs)
+isProxy=true # enable proxy mode - will try to replicate from alt-servers if a client requests unknown image
+uplinkTimeout=1250 # r/w timeout for connections to uplink servers
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+ Some alt server
++ My first alt server that will not be used for replication
+- Super sectret alt server that will be used for replication, but clients don't know about it
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