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* [SERVER] Fix warningsHEADmasterSimon Rettberg36 hours4-7/+9
* [BUILD] update search paths for 'libatomic' to support build on FreeBSDManuel Bentele37 hours1-1/+1
* [BUILD] add CMake find package search to find 'libatomic' automaticallyManuel Bentele38 hours1-0/+3
* [KERNEL] Fix race condition for request_queuereceive in receive threadSimon Rettberg4 days1-8/+7Star
* [KERNEL] Cleanup thread cleanup, fix closing of device when busySimon Rettberg4 days3-90/+124
* [BUILD] add support for atomic operations not supported by hardwareManuel Bentele5 days1-1/+1
* [KERNEL] Fix several connect/disconnect race conditionsSimon Rettberg5 days3-188/+193
* [KERNEL] add support for Linux kernel 4.19 on Ubuntu 18.04 (GCC 7.5)Manuel Bentele8 days1-8/+8
* [SERVER] Fix log calls in thread debug codeSimon Rettberg12 days1-5/+7
* cmake: Fix passing -Defines to ccSimon Rettberg12 days1-3/+3
* [CLIENT] display proper connected server if multiple servers specifiedManuel Bentele2020-11-102-14/+20
* [KERNEL] add manual switching of dnbd3-server to specified serverManuel Bentele2020-11-104-56/+159
* [KERNEL] protect read-only access to server listManuel Bentele2020-11-091-6/+9
* [KERNEL] protect access to server list if alt server is added/removedManuel Bentele2020-11-091-0/+3
* [KERNEL]: change probing logic to select first available serverManuel Bentele2020-11-092-16/+25
* [KERNEL, CLIENT]: submit and probe multiple dnbd3-server with ioctl OPENManuel Bentele2020-11-064-104/+263
* [CLIENT] format output of program help textManuel Bentele2020-10-301-7/+7
* [CLIENT] add documentation for adding/removing dnbd3-server to helpManuel Bentele2020-10-302-10/+9Star
* [FUSE] removed unnecessary cmdln argument check for sticky modeManuel Bentele2020-10-301-6/+0Star
* [BUILD] add build options to enable/disable build of dnbd3 componentsManuel Bentele2020-10-303-2/+13
* [CLIENT] add feature to ignore propagated alternative servers (sticky mode)Manuel Bentele2020-10-292-6/+29
* [SERVER] Update nextSave timestamp at start of functionSimon Rettberg2020-10-291-4/+6
* [BUILD] remove the build requirement for an unused C++ compilerManuel Bentele2020-10-277-7/+14
* [BUILD] fix comments and remove useless code fragments in CMake filesManuel Bentele2020-10-231-6/+5Star
* [BUILD] disable build of dnbd3-client if Linux kernel module is disabledManuel Bentele2020-10-221-2/+2
* [BUILD] add CMake targets to build binary and source packages with CPackManuel Bentele2020-10-2211-18/+24
* [BUILD] add option to build the dnbd3-server with afl-fuzz supportManuel Bentele2020-10-205-16/+55
* [BUILD] set build type and stop Release build if repository is dirtyManuel Bentele2020-10-197-17/+14Star
* [BUILD] fixes issues to build user space programs on FreeBSD 12.1Manuel Bentele2020-10-197-5/+7
* [BUILD] rewrite CMake build system to track changes of source filesManuel Bentele2020-10-1664-1102/+306Star
* [KERNEL] ported socket time structures to support CentOS 8 kernel 4.18Manuel Bentele2020-10-131-1/+24
* [KERNEL] set socket timeouts with new function and time structureManuel Bentele2020-08-311-8/+30
* [KERNEL] make private network functions staticManuel Bentele2020-08-282-294/+286Star
* [KERNEL] convert debug messages and clean up codeManuel Bentele2020-08-287-203/+254
* [KERNEL] convert to blk-mq and ktimeManuel Bentele2020-08-274-144/+177
* [SERVER] Fix rid 0 proxy lookup if local version is newerSimon Rettberg2020-08-141-5/+15
* [SERVER] FUSE: Set name for fuse theadsSimon Rettberg2020-07-311-0/+2
* [SERVER] FUSE: Use splice with move for local readsSimon Rettberg2020-07-311-2/+16
* [SERVER] FUSE: Fix arguments to fuseSimon Rettberg2020-07-302-2/+3
* [SERVER] Remove dead codeSimon Rettberg2020-07-301-6/+0Star
* [SERVER] Fix: Missing argument to fprintf()Simon Rettberg2020-07-301-1/+1
* [SERVER] Inline imageLookup/Open since we use fuse_mtSimon Rettberg2020-07-301-56/+34Star
* [SERVER] FUSE: Add readdir for /Simon Rettberg2020-07-301-1/+40
* [SERVER] Add FUSE modeSimon Rettberg2020-07-2811-102/+781
* Merge branch 'no-working-flag' into fuse_llSimon Rettberg2020-07-2737-2161/+3397
| * [SERVER] Fix: NULL pointer access in saveLoadAllCacheMaps()Simon Rettberg2020-07-211-0/+2
| * [SERVER] Fix: No replication if autoFreeDiskSpaceDelay is disabledSimon Rettberg2020-06-301-4/+12
| * [SHARED] Fix 16 byte information leakage in select image messageSimon Rettberg2020-06-301-2/+0Star
| * [SERVER] Know when to stopSimon Rettberg2020-06-101-1/+1
| * [SERVER] Likewise, flush entire payload on RTT measurementSimon Rettberg2020-06-101-1/+6