BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
atomic[SERVER] Lookup image on storage even in proxy modeSimon Rettberg2 months
configurable_kernel_versionallow user-specified kernel versionJonathan Bauer23 months
fuse2.0[SERVER] Remove silly optimizationSimon Rettberg4 years
fuse_cowfixed error in loading cow filesMichael Scherle16 months
linux-4.15typo read check should check for reads :)Jonathan Bauer24 months
master[SERVER] altservers: Fix missing index mapping (replication)Simon Rettberg5 weeks
no-working-flag[SERVER] Check local and remote for updates on rid == 0Simon Rettberg23 hours
rpc[SERVER] Renamed image_fillJson to image_getListAsJson.Stephan Schwaer5 years
vfsVFS WIPSimon Rettberg5 years
v2.1dnbd3-2.1.tar.gz  dnbd3-2.1.tar.xz  Simon Rettberg4 years
v2.0dnbd3-2.0.tar.gz  dnbd3-2.0.tar.xz  Simon Rettberg6 years
dnbd3-sr-thesis-finaldnbd3-sr-thesis-final.tar.gz  dnbd3-sr-thesis-final.tar.xz  sr7 years
dnbd3-jjl-thesis-finaldnbd3-jjl-thesis-final.tar.gz  dnbd3-jjl-thesis-final.tar.xz  sr7 years