BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
feature_kernel_blk-mq[KERNEL] set socket timeouts with new function and time structureManuel Bentele4 weeks
fuse_cowfixed error in loading cow filesMichael Scherle21 months
fuse_ll[SERVER] Fix rid 0 proxy lookup if local version is newerSimon Rettberg6 weeks
kernel-4.20cmake: Fixed missing include paths to build the Linux kernel moduleManuel Bentele3 days
masterRemove .vscodeSimon Rettberg3 days
v2.1dnbd3-2.1.tar.gz  dnbd3-2.1.tar.xz  Simon Rettberg5 years
v2.0dnbd3-2.0.tar.gz  dnbd3-2.0.tar.xz  Simon Rettberg7 years
dnbd3-sr-thesis-finaldnbd3-sr-thesis-final.tar.gz  dnbd3-sr-thesis-final.tar.xz  sr7 years
dnbd3-jjl-thesis-finaldnbd3-jjl-thesis-final.tar.gz  dnbd3-jjl-thesis-final.tar.xz  sr7 years