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* replaced 'thin clients' with 'diskless X stations' as suggested by Dirk
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OpenSLX - Open StateLess eXtensions version 4.1
OpenSLX is a software package for setting up, managing and booting of
-"stateless client systems" (a.k.a. "thin clients").
+"stateless client systems" (a.k.a. "diskless X stations").
Information on installation and the required packages can be found in
the doc/ folder (especially intro.txt). Further information is available
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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ WILLKOMMEN
OpenSLX - Open StateLess eXtensions Version 4.1
OpenSLX ist ein Softwarepaket zum Einrichten, Verwalten und Booten von
-"Stateless Client Systems" (a.k.a. "Thin Clients").
+"Stateless Client Systems" (a.k.a. "diskless X stations").
Informationen zur Installation und ben├Âtigten Paketen finden sich im
Unterverzeichnis doc/ (insbesondere einstieg.txt), weiterf├╝hrende Informationen