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authorJonathan Bauer2013-04-23 15:36:25 +0200
committerJonathan Bauer2013-04-23 15:36:25 +0200
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parentfix the fix :) usb should now work for newer bwpcs (diff)
fix sounds for newer bwpcs
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diff --git a/src/os-plugins/plugins/vmchooser/files/ b/src/os-plugins/plugins/vmchooser/files/
index b3863a2e..070581d2 100644
--- a/src/os-plugins/plugins/vmchooser/files/
+++ b/src/os-plugins/plugins/vmchooser/files/
@@ -381,12 +381,12 @@ writelog "\tVM Hostname:\t\t$hostname"
# Adjust sound volume
writelog "Unmuting sound...\c "
-amixer -q sset Master 80% unmute 2>/dev/null
-amixer -q sset PCM 80% unmute 2>/dev/null
-amixer -q sset CD 80% unmute 2>/dev/null
-amixer -q sset Headphone 80% unmute 2>/dev/null
-amixer -q sset Front 80% unmute 2>/dev/null # in SUSE 11.0 it's headphone
-amixer -q sset Speaker 80% unmute 2>/dev/null # annoying built-in speaker
+amixer -q sset Master 100% unmute 2>/dev/null
+amixer -q sset PCM 100% unmute 2>/dev/null
+amixer -q sset CD 100% unmute 2>/dev/null
+amixer -q sset Headphone 100% unmute 2>/dev/null
+amixer -q sset Front 100% unmute 2>/dev/null # in SUSE 11.0 it's headphone
+amixer -q sset Speaker 100% unmute 2>/dev/null # annoying built-in speaker
writelog "finished\n"
# Copy guest configuration (with added information) config.xml to be accessed