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* Modifications required to support Ubuntu 14.04 version ...Dirk2014-04-136-0/+595
* removed scilin completely, general network config for rhel based OSsMichael Janczyk2013-08-3042-744/+0Star
* added rhel, centos, scientific linux 5 and 6.Michael Janczyk2012-11-0742-0/+744
* add ubuntu 12.04Sebastian Schmelzer2012-04-116-0/+595
* add linuxmintSebastian Schmelzer2012-03-2712-0/+1190
* add stub for fedora16 supportSebastian Schmelzer2011-12-2217-0/+1776
* Updated OpenSuSE distro info with special script: updateDistroInfo.suseDirk2011-11-2212-522/+500Star
* First update of OpenSLX base files to support new distributions (Ubuntu 11.10...Dirk2011-11-2225-0/+2728
* Further missing component for LinuxMint ...Dirk von Suchodoletz2011-06-026-0/+595
* add missing files for fedora ..Sebastian Schmelzer2011-05-2526-0/+3182
* update installer FIX #765Sebastian Schmelzer2011-05-1154-2927/+3618
* Formal steps to incorporate new distro versions ... (see wiki)Dirk von Suchodoletz2011-05-1026-13/+2765
* add support for ubunut 10.10Dirk von Suchodoletz2011-03-286-0/+595
* change dir structureSebastian Schmelzer2010-09-02334-0/+26687